Saturday, December 13, 2008

Standard Medical Disclaimer


Nutrition is a field of study that finds itself moving daily closer to medical science. Both disciplines depend heavily, for example, on research in allied fields such as biochemistry and physiology; but, more fundamentally still, both are centrally concerned with health.

Insofar as tea is a beverage ingested by humans, our discussion of tea will from time to time raise issues of nutrition, and may impinge on the realm of medicine. Please be aware, in all such cases, that the essays on CHA DAO are in no sense meant to diagnose, treat, or otherwise assess any reader's health or medical condition; they are intended as descriptive only, not prescriptive. In view of that, CHA DAO explicitly disavows all responsibility for the good or ill health of its readership.

When it comes to your own individual mental and physical health, please take no chances. Consult your physician before undertaking any new regimen, and before ingesting any substance about whose impact on your health you may have any question.

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