Monday, May 29, 2006

THSU on 80's 8582

Date brewed: 5/29/06
Type: Aged Uncooked (Sheng) Pu’er
Vintage: 1980-85
Type: Beeng Cha
Manufacturer: Meng Hai
Appearance: Dry Leaves: Medium compressed, reddish-brown, blueish gray, blackish green.
Dry leaf in heated pot aroma: Woody, dry bamboo, dry shitake, sweet brown sugar.
Leaf Weight & Vessel: 4g / 50 ml yixing
Poland Spring water: 1. fish eye water.* 2. shrimp eye water.** 3. shrimp eye with 1 shot of cold water.***

Instant Rinse sit 2 mins. water*
Complex Woody, camphor, linen, leather and full.

1 INFUS. 10 sec. water**
Liquor color: Burnt Amber / Clear / Gloss
Bitter sweet, woody and I am saying Lots of Wood, on flavor and nose! Camphor, dry mouth and thick, not so balance. Very active so to speak, but not astringency, strong palate, numbing lips and tongue. Cranky!

2 INFUS. 15 sec. water**
Liquor color: Burnt Amber / Clearer / Gloss
Still bitter sweet, corky, little bite on the palate. Minerals / metallic / talc. Still very woody and camphor.
Aftertaste too complex to break-down yet, sweet and hint of sour and mint.

3 INFUS. 15 sec. water**
Liquor same till the 5th.
Talc! Old time grandma's cosmetic foundation! Bitter sweet chocolate, still camphor with more bite. Clean and clear, hint of mint finish. Numbing persisted. Complex and Nostalgic. Full(dense) and Alluring. Liquor have good legs / tears.

4 INFUS. 10 sec. water**
Powerful. Minerals / Talc, pronounced sweetness overall in mouth-feel and aftertaste. Bitterness gone. Very alluring because it's mellowing down.

5 INFUS. 30 sec. water**
Liquor color: Golden Amber / Clear / Oily
The tea is in the stage of recovery. My motion at slow, entering the stage of calm and peace. Numbing affected the mouth thru the throat. Sweetness linger from the back to the front. Mucus forming from the back of throat. Breaking little sweat.

6 INFUS. 45 sec. water***
Liquor color: Golden dark Amber
No more legs. Fresh, fruits, hint of dry plum, floral. Hint of talc turned perfume. Much more fragrance. Medium oolong bouquet and finish.

7 INFUS. 45 sec. water**
Liquor color: Golden Amber
Aftertaste overwhelmed with sweetness. Sign of a dying oolong with the oily finish. Peach....? Cooked peach! Clean talc cosmetic reappeared!! Dry and brut in the beginning, then moisturizing the throat, mucus forming. Still numbing.

8 INFUS. 60 sec. water***
Liquor color: Light Amber
Fruits to Veggie! Spinach, Fresh Songyi mushroom, White bamboo shot, Lotus seeds, (Yes, I am crazy!!) Talc. Clean, light woody and minty finishes.

9 INFUS. 60 sec. water***
Liquor color: Light Amber
Lying down to enjoy... way to mellow, calm and breaking sweat. Motivation of reporting heavy... enjoying the moment....
Lotus seed, lotus leaf, cosmetic talc, minty light camphor, kept coming....

10 INFUS. 75sec. water**
Liquor color: Medium Light Amber
Talc and Explosive sweetness, coating both breath and throat. Mineral fragrance, short but powerful. Dry finish then moisturize the mouth.

I think this temp is a bit high. Should go back to water***, it created the oily taste, over cooked.... Still clean finish, but minty gone, camphor gone, woody gone.

11 INFUS. 90sec. water***
Lotus is back! This are a handful of puerhs I'd encountered with lotus bouquet and flavor. I prefer this over the aged / pickled plum. Much more elegant and refine. Sweetness and numbing persisted. I am predicting the talc going to come back in a different way.

12hrs after

18 INFUS. 15mins. water*
Vessel: Gaiwan 200 ml
Liquor color: Pale Golden / Light
Some leaves have not fully unfurled, dark green, brown and blackish to the stems, large and medium size leaves.
Winter Melon, Talc, floral, hint of bamboo, soft on the palate but thick on the throat. Finally I find the true talc flavor: This is a floral talc, perfumed powder cosmetic talc with peony bouquet, sweet aftertaste! No lotus.

Overall, a robust challenging tea. Not elegant, not balance in the first 3 infusions. Lively and Cranky. Surprising personality. Very wholesome and pleasurable.

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