Friday, October 02, 2009

Kudos for CHA DAO

I am delighted to report that the DAILY REVIEWER has polled readers and selected its 'Top 100 Tea Blogs' -- and that CHA DAO is on this list. Let me take this opportunity to congratulate all my stalwart contributors for making CHA DAO what it is -- and to thank our readers, who after all are the reason we do it.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Cha Dao and Corax for the recognition that they so richly deserves.

Cha Dao is the only site that I rely on for the broadest treatment of tea on the web. I find the most probing examinations of tea from experienced tasters whose accurate descriptions of scent, color, and flavor are of such literary quality that they remind one of the Chinese poets and their profound reflections on tea. Cha Dao is likely the single place where the science of tea is given equal footing with the leaf, its history, poetry, and travel.

As a sometime contributor and occasional commentator to Cha Dao, I am always gratified by the positive response of readers to the literature, history, and art of Chinese tea and their stimulating critique of issues and problems. The Chao Dao readership is as discriminating as Corax and his extraordinary stable of writers.

Corax and Cha Dao must be praised for their substantive and continuing contributions to our collective understanding of tea and the great joy, peace, and solace that it provides to us all.


Aeyal said...

Congratulations and I am proud to be a part of that - I think actually Cha Dao is one of top 24 or so tea blogs selected (not one of the top 100).

Anonymous said...

Well, congrats is in order here. Right now I follow about 200 tea blogs so I can say that I also am connected with those that aren't top o' the heap. But those that are have some high-quality material, as "Anonymous" has pointed out here of Cha Dao. And that's a blessing to all us tea lovers. --Teaternity