Sunday, October 09, 2005

Geraldo on Elabora King Tea Biscuit Beengcha, 2003

[from an email to corax. posted by permission.]

Elabora King Tea Biscuit Beengcha [sheng puer, 2003], Dadugang Factory.

The cake has a striking appearance: woven, lightly compacted. There are two types of leaves: one long, narrow, and dark; the other rounder, spade-shaped, much lighter, coming to a point. The cake has the typical Dadugang spicy aroma. Hint of smoke from the wet leaves. The leaves are not serrated.

The dark leaves quickly turn lighter during infusion.

First cup. Hot sips. Clean bouquet. No smoke. Not so strong as last night’s [[Meng Hai Ancient Wild Tree sheng]] #7742. Ah, as it cools, sweetness comes to the fore. Very easy to drink. Searching for identifiable flavors or the opportunity to cast a similitude. I used 10g per 8 oz of infusing water. Next time I shall make it stronger. This is not a manly pu’er-cha. #7742 is a tough act to follow. The finish of this King Biscuit is dry. But it is demure. A demure king indeed!

Finale: Figured it out: Insufficient bass notes in the King Biscuit.

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