Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hello! Nice to see all of you here! & Thanks to jk for the kind invitation!

Here is a picture of the YiWu wild tree bricks from Yichang brand, not sure if it is any good, just got them last week at a local teashop. I was deciding if I should buy them (after a heavy splurge recently on a set of tea) when a Taiwanese vendor walked in and swept all of them off the shelves.

I decided then I should get it, even if it is not good, at least I'm not giving the loud ill-mannered taiwanese the satisfaction of taking them all. Haha! More later...

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corax said...

danny, you are most welcome [in both senses].

now tell us about this brick of yours. is it sheng? it looks like it. also, is it extraordinarily dense and solid? there has been some recent discussion on RFDT about fang cha being particularly difficult to prepare for brewing. but this one looks as though it would probably flake/crumble without too much violence?