Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Geraldo on Jing Mai Mountain Ancient Wild Tree Puer

[from an email to corax. posted by permission.]

Jing Mai Mountain Ancient Wild Tree Puer [sheng 2005]. Mini-beengcha. Dry leaf: ranging from bright green to white with a few dark leaves. On the rinse, a tiny touch of smoke. 10g, 8 oz, well below boiling. 15s, 10s, 15, 20s. Much lighter in the cup than King Biscuit. On the hot sip, faster, livelier taste. Greener flavor. Not sour, but vegetal, like unto a sencha. Nicely authoritative. Does not taste like spice cake. Tastes like rather astringent tea. To my nose, this morning, very little aroma.

Oddly, more aroma when the tea cools. Green smell. The tea is clean, brisk, and rather strong. It will be better when it ages. Its strength resides in its strength. Aged, it will still have authority (wildly amateurish supposition). Its immediate challenge: this is a little brisk, a little astringent, and it is not as multi-dimensional as one might hope. Little if any smoke in the flavor. Clean, sharp aftertaste.

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Anonymous said...

"Oddly, more aroma when the tea cools."

They say the aroma of a puerh is at the bottom of the cup.