Wednesday, May 07, 2008


At Corax’s request, I have made a list of teahouses in Beijing, and provided English translations. Here’s a list of 9 teahouses in Beijing. Some have more than 1 location – because they’re franchises or branch locations. I haven’t personally visited any of these places, but some of them are quite famous. So you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit a teahouse in Beijing. This list will be added to at a later date.

Jade Pot House Teahouse
玉壶轩茶艺馆 地址: 50元 静安里19号丙楼 010-8200000
Yuhuxuan Teahouse Add: No. 19 Jinganli, 3rd Building Tel: (010) 8200000

Cloud Peak Teahouse
云峰茶院(茶酷) 地址: 崇文区崇文门外大街新世界商场二期三层 010-67089496

Yunfeng Chayuan Add: Chongwen District, Phase 2, 3rd Floor, Xinshijie Shopping Plaza, Chongwenmenwai Avenue Tel: (010) 67089496

Listen to the Rain House Teahouse
听雨轩茶艺馆 地址: 皂君东里7号楼 010-62112152
Tingyuxuan Teahouse Add: No. 7 Building Zaojun Dongli Tel: (010) 62112152

Listen to the Pot House Teahouse
听壶轩茶艺馆 地址: 西城区复兴门北大街5号黑龙江宾馆2层 010-68056734

Tinghuxuan Teahouse Add: Xicheng District No. 5 Fuxingmen Avenue, 2nd floor Heilongjiang Hotel Tel: (010) 68056734

Laoshe Teahouse
老舍茶馆 地址: 71元 前门西大街3号楼三层 010-63036506
Laoshe Chaguan Add: No. 3, 3rd floor Qianmen West Avenue. Tel: (010) 63036506

Simingzhai Teahouse
(官园店) 地址: 西城区官园育幼胡同3号 010-66187362

Simingzhai Teahouse (Guanyuan branch) Add: Xicheng District, No. 3 Guanyuanyuyou Hutong. Tel: (010) 66187362

思茗斋茶艺馆(地安门店)地址: 东城区地安门东大街61号 010-84049663
Simingzhai Teahouse (Di’an men branch) Add: Dongcheng District, No. 61 Dianmen Avenue. Tel: 010-84049663

思茗斋茶艺馆(中关村店)地址: 海淀区海淀路19-1号中成大厦首层 010-62571659

Simingzhai Teahouse (Zhongguancun branch) Add: Haidian District, No. 19-1 Main Floor, Zhongcheng Building, Haidian Road.

Green Dew House Teahouse
碧露轩茶艺馆 (亚运村店) 147元 地址: 朝阳区亚运村汇园公寓R座1层 010-84977951
Biluxuan Teahouse Add: (Asian Games Village branch) Chaoyang District, First floor, Building R, Huiyuan Complex. Tel: (010) 84977951

碧露轩茶艺馆 (国际俱乐部店) 地址: 朝阳区建国门外大街21号国际俱乐部饭店公寓1层 010-65327008
Biluxuan Teahouse Add: Chaoyang District, No. 21 Jianguomenwai Avenue, First floor, International Club Restaurant Building. Tel: (010) 65327008

Dew Rain House Teahouse
(牡丹园店) 地址: 海淀区北太平庄路2号(冠城园小区西侧) 010-82082728
Luyuxuan Teahouse Add: Haidian District, No. 2 North Taipingzhang Road. Tel: (010) 82082728

露雨轩茶艺馆(和平街店) 地址: 朝阳区和平东街12区服务楼 010-64223785

Luyuxuan Teahouse Add: Chaoyang District, No. 12 Service Building, Heping East Street Tel: (010) 64223785

Mingren Teahouse
茗仁茶艺馆 (月坛店) 地址: 北京市西城区月坛南街6号 010-68025273
Mingren Teahouse Add: Xicheng District, No. 6 Yuetan South Road Tel: (010) 68025273

茗仁茶艺馆 (中关村店) 地址: 苏州街21号 010-62526832
Mingren Teahouse Add: No. 21 Suzhou Street Tel: (010) 62526832

茗仁茶艺馆 (崇文门店) 地址: 70元 东城区崇文门西大街5号 010-8200000

Mingren Teahouse Add: Dongcheng District, No. 5 Chongwenmen West Avenue Tel: (010) 8200000

茗仁茶艺馆 (花园桥店) 地址:海淀区车公庄西路36号花园桥东200米路南010-68469480
Mingren Teahouse Add: Haidian District, No. 36 Chegongzhuang West Road Tel: (010) 68469480

茗仁茶艺馆 (和平里店)潮阳区和平里东街青年沟路口 010-66132306
Mingren Teahouse Add: Chaoyang District Hepingli East Road, Qingniangou Road Intersection Tel: (010) 66132306

茗仁茶艺馆 (官园店)西城区平安大街官园南里1区1号楼 010-66132303

Mingren Teahouse Add: Xicheng District, Area 1, Building 1 Guanyuan Nanli Pingan Avenue. Tel: (010) 66132303