Monday, March 30, 2009

A New URL [not to displace the old ...]

CHA DAO is delighted to announce the acquisition of a new, somewhat more streamlined URL for the site:

A few notes:

1. There are numerous www.chadao.nnn websites already in existence, some of them commercial. The dot-US suffix was chosen for this one because it is in some ways the most neutral and 'equitable' of all US-based URL suffixes, signifying the domain as on a par with www.[domain].fr, www.[domain].de, www.[domain].uk, and so on.

2. If you have bookmarked, favorited, emailed, or otherwise noted the original URL for the blog [], fear not. That will still, and permanently, bring you safely to CHA DAO. But we wanted to provide a simpler URL that might be easier for readers to remember, in case you should desire to recommend the blog to a new reader, or simply to access it from an unfamiliar computer.

3. Should you attempt to access CHA DAO via the new URL in the next day or so, and find it not working, fear not. This may simply mean that propagation across the internet is not yet complete. The customary rapidity of the internet leads us to expect instantaneity in all things, and (like tea itself) this process may require us to slow down a bit. But I am assured that the new URL should be fully functional in a few hours' time.

So welcome to, and thank you for your continued support and appreciation of CHA DAO.

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corax said...

UPDATE 090404: we are experiencing ... technical difficulties ... this is no cause for deep concern; it's just a matter of the sometimes glacial pace at which things in cyberspace can proceed. watch this space for further developments; i will post a progress report, as this little tale unfolds.